Since 1860 

The Distillerie du Perigord Company was founded in 1860 by Emile Lapouge.
The Distillerie du Perigord is reputed for the quality for its "eaux-de-vie" of fruits (Gold Medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900, Gold Medal at the International Fair in Brussels in 1899), and it specialised in 1980 in the processing of fruits in alcohol (products conditioned for the consumption for the general public and in bulk destined to the processing industry).

Export : 30% of turnover

Products Activity

The fruits in alcohol are the main product of Distillerie du Périgord, and is ranked  second in the world. Liquors, Eaux-de-Vie, Regional Aperitifs benefit of the "made in Périgord" image.

Men... of  "innovation"

The quality and the authentical taste of our products is based on the competence of passionate men. Our continuous research, in our laboratories in a close relationship with agribusiness institutes, universities and nationwide reputed artisans have contributed to develop new products and prestigious recipes to satisfy  the demands of professional businesses as well as the consumers.




 Emile Lapouge creates
the Distillerie Lapouge
and will become later on
the Distillerie du Périgord
Gold Medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris
for its Eaux-de-vie

"Laurier d'Or"
of Quality
and Tradition

      In the late 80s, the Distillerie du Périgord decides to specialise in the production of fruits in alcohol, aiming at three different types of clientele : supermarkets, traditionnal shops, and companies who make and supplies such as ice-cream, chocolate, patisseries...

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