About us


Émile Lapouge founded the Distillerie Lapouge, which became the Distillerie du Périgord


Eaux-de-vie, gold medal winner at the Paris World’s Fair


Laurier d’Or Award for quality and tradition

Our history

The Distillerie du Périgord Company stems from the Distillerie Lapouge, founded by Émile Lapouge in 1860.

Renowned for the quality of its fruit eaux-de-vies (gold medal winner at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair, gold medal winner at the 1899 Brussels International Fair), the Company expanded its activity in 1980 to include production of fruit in liqueur: ready-packaged products for the consumer market and bulk items intended for processing. The Distillery has earned its worldwide recognition through its expertise in gastronomy and its well-known terroir.

At the end of the 1980s, the Distillerie du Périgord chose to specialize in producing fruit in liqueur for three types of clientele, spread harmoniously over the mass retail sector, traditional trade, industry and the artisan market (supplier for industrial and artisanal ice cream makers, chocolate makers and pastry chefs).

We make some of the world’s most best-known liqueurs in our cellars, located right at the heart of the Black Perigord region. We invite you to come along and discover them in our boutique, in the centre of Sarlat, on the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.


Passionate people… incomparable innovation

The quality and authentic taste of our products are based on the talents of passionate people, on our quest for raw materials with the highest organoleptic qualities and on the mastery of our macerating and distilling processes.


Cherry Rocher:

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