Industry & Catering

Food industry and catering professionals

300 years of savoir-faire and expertise, in-depth partnership experience with the most demanding industrial groups and catering professionals : flavourists, liqueur makers, brewers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice cream makers, curing operators, caterers, etc.

Innovation and R&D are our key priorities

Drawing on our long-established savoir-faire and expertise, we are able to create a wide range of specific recipes that meet your expectations :

Our fruit, plant and spice extracts

Infusions: cold pressing.
Obtained by extracting the aromatic molecules from a plant by dissolving the plant in a liquid at room temperature (also known as cold pressing).


Distillates/alcoholates/spirits: hot pressing.
Distillation is the evaporation of an alcoholised liquid mixed with an aromatic raw material. The condensed cooled vapour, filled with extracted aromatic molecules, is collected as a liquid, known as distillate, alcoholate or spirit.


Bulk spirits and alcohols for the catering business, gastronomy

ALCOHOLS & EAUX-DE-VIE: we can provide you with a variety of bases for your preparations (Armagnac, Brandy, Calvados, Cognac, Eaux de vie, Kirsch, Madère, Porto, Rhum, Triple Sec, Whisky, Génépi, liqueur d’Amaretto, liqueur de café…)


CULINARY PREPARATIONS: perfect for your sauces, cooked dish preparations, terrines, etc. (truffles, morels, ceps)


MACERATED FRUIT & PROCESSED FRUIT: fruit prepared to suit your individual culinary requirements (fruit macerated whole, cubed, veloutés. Cherries, grapes, apples, figs, etc.).


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