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Marie Galante Old White Rum 5 year old

Rocked by the marin trade winds of the Caribbean sea, the sugarcan calmly grow during 15 months to reach ripening.

Harvested by hand, we always extract the juice by squeezing just like in the 19th century. Fermented then distilled, this 5 year old rum offers you a trip through time and space.

Récoltées à la main, on en extrait toujours comme au 19ème siècle le jus par pressage. Fermenté puis distillé, ce rhum 5 ans d’âge vous offre un voyage dans le temps et dans l’espace.

Bottled in a limited quantity, each bottle has a serial number, sign of uniqueness. Enjoy it pure as a digestive or during the appetizers in a Ti Punch Royal Cocktail: 1 drizzle of sugarcane syrup, 4cl of Old Rum, 1 lemon “Squeezed, dropped”.

Organoleptic feature :

Eye : Bronze, shining.

Nose : Powerful, vanilla hints.

Body : Wooded, smoky.

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