2011, 2012 and 2023 Concours Général Agricole silver medal winner, Sarlanoix is made by macerating green walnut shells in alcohol, which is then added to a liqueur wine.

Sarlanoix is a legendary Perigord beverage, which was created as a tribute to women nut shellers. When dusk fell, the vigil would begin, around the “cantou” (monumental fireplace), with the sharp blows of mallets. Walnut shells would smash and release their kernels, the Perigord “king of fruits”. To ensure this memory remains engraved forever, the Distillerie du Périgord has been making this recipe for the last 150 years.

To be served pure, on the rocks, or poured into a half melon to accompany a dish. This aperitif is iconic of Black Perigord.