Recipe ideas

Duck aiguillettes with guinette cherries, Cherry Rocher sauce

ingredients (serves 4 )

  • 12 duck aiguillettes (strips)
  • 12 cocktail sticks
  • half a litre of chicken stock
  • butter, salt, pepper
  • 32 Distillerie du Périgord semi-candied guinette cherries
  • 10 cl of Cherry Rocher liqueur

Recipe steps

Preparation :

Remove any sinews from the aiguillettes, then roll them around a guinette cherry and hold together with a cocktail stick.
Keep the other guinette cherries warm in their juice.
Reduce the Cherry Rocher liqueur to glaze, deglaze with the stock.
Pan-sear the rolled aiguillettes in butter.

Presentation :

Place the aiguillettes on a plate with a delicious garnish of vegetables and the remaining guinette cherries.
Decorate with the sauce.

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