Recipe ideas

Scallops à la plancha, absinthe espuma

ingredients (serves 4 )

  • 12 scallops
  • olive oil, fleur de sel, pepper, Espelette pepper
  • 10 cl of Cherry Rocher absinthe
  • 15cl of soymilk
  • 5 cl of shellfish bisque

Recipe steps

Preparation :

Pour some olive oil into a dish then add the scallops.

To make the espuma: heat the absinthe in a saucepan then flambé it, add the soymilk and bisque. Season if necessary, strain through a conical strainer, then pour into the siphon with 1 or 2 gas cartridges. Set aside in a bain-marie at 50°.

Cook the scallops à la plancha for 30 seconds on each side.
Set them aside on a plate, season with fleur de sel, pepper and Espelette pepper.
Spray the espuma from the siphon harmoniously unto a calotte plate (rimmed soup plate).

Side dish: “forbidden” Venere rice risotto.

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